3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Take Your About Us Page Design Lightly

Ever wondered which page on websites has become more important than the homepage?

No clue?

Yes, it is the “About Us” page.

Started right!

If you compare it to the other important pages this one is the most visited amongst all. It is an introducer to the company milestone and journey. The page is the main intermediary point for the customers to know about the firm.

Call it by any name the history, the turning point journey or any other. The fact remains the same that it plays an important role.

The inquisitive nerve in them pushes to find out what the firm all about.

They want to know more to strike chords of trust and assurance with the company. The page is responsible to inform what it has to offer its potential customers.

The visitors are out to search for an apt website that masters to woo them in a short span of time. Such raising expectations of the customers has urged the page to polish its appearance.

I hope this brief introduction of the page justifies my point a little.

Further three points will prove why not to take the about us page lightly at all.

The Voice of the Company

The trend of the about us page has altered its ways with time. The focus of the page from company achievements has shifted. It is more concerned about what the customer is looking for.

They want know what the company is all about. To answer all these questions the about us page becomes the voice of the company. The website should ensure that this voice reaches its customers and answers their query. The page should highlight the benefits that the company is ready to offer.

Become a storyteller of your journey in a way that connects to the reader. Make it help to build an intangible emotional thread of conviction.

Fan about your uniqueness making the customers more inquisitive about your services and association.

The Trust Pillar

The about us page is the face of the company. This page lets your customers meet you on a personal level. They do not want to read the usual copy paste text. Instead, they want to know the team behind the company.

The experts who will cater to their needs in the best possible manner. It makes your company appear more reliable and reachable. Including certification details strengthens the trust factor and market value.

It proves the companies existence and credibility of the business. Make your page interactive and friendly so that the customers crack deals. They should not consider the company website boring loaded with heavy stuff.

You can add images of your staff, infrastructure and even at work moments. This helps to add a personal touch and look more real to the customers.

The Company Ambiance

It is important to educate your customers about the company environment. It helps to prove the positivity of the company. You can even introduce the happy staff at their service for more assurance.

Add details about the events and occasions that helps to show the cheerful culture. This will introduce the customer to the warm welcome that the company will provide. It will give them a brief about how you take care of each member associated with the firm.

The time has changed and about us page has become an inevitable part of each website. Be creative to design this page and target your audience

(https://www.serpholic.com) in a correct way. Include all the crisp and exciting factors those attract the attention of the customers.

Ponder over these suggestions to design a perfect date to win the hearts of your visitors…:)