A 404 Error Page often comes with the message- “Sorry page not found”. The main purpose or aim of a 404 Page is to retain a visitor on your website even when he/she lands on a non-existent page. If the page is done carefully and creatively, you can not only make a visitor stay but also get them to hang around the site a bit more.

Most people forget about their websites after they have designed and developed them once. However, that shouldn’t be the case for your website if you still want sales and conversions from your business’s website. Websites require regular and continuous management, maintenance, and redesign. Your website must be up to date both in its look and functionality.

Well, in this time of internet marketing, every marketer knows the power of subscribers. Generally, this helps them in identifying their audiences based upon which marketers make their business marketing strategies. They generally use a subscriber’s form in their website or blog to get more subscribers. From this list of subscribers, they make a list according to their interest and provide them useful information demanded by the business.