Why You’re Not Getting Subscribers From Your Site?

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Well, in this time of Internet marketing, every marketer knows the power of subscribers. Generally this helps them identify their audiences and based upon on that marketers make their business marketing strategies.

They generally use a subscriber’s form to get more and more subscriber through their websites or blog. From these list of subscribers, they make a list according to their interest and provide them useful information demanded by the business.

What subscribing a website Mean?

Lets consider, you search something on internet and landed to particular website. You are reading the stuff and found it very interesting and useful for you.

Now, you want to read more stuff  that will be published on this website in near future. Then you will have to subscribe on the website by entering your E-Mail ID in subscription form. This will help you get updates of your interest about that blog or website.

Importance of Subscribers for Marketers

There is a huge importance of subscribers for any marketer. They can send any promotional information or any new launch product information directly to the inbox of the subscriber which is also a regular visitor of that website or blog.

E-Mail Marketing can be easy by collecting lot of Emails to their relevant niche.

Now the question arises. Why you are not getting subscribers from your website.

So, there are a lot of factors those explain this question.

I am going to write some of them here.

You are not using opt in form at the Right Places

Hmmm….First of all, tell me how many opt in form you are using?  One, two, three, four or five or greater than that??

So, my friends who are using more than four. You are likely to pile on your readers or visitors. Then it will surely make you loose your trusted readers……Well, Jokes Apart, no one will want that.

So here are the best places to put opt in form in website/blog..

– Create Pop up subscriber form when your visitor moves from one post to another or after he or she finishes reading the entire post.

 At the side bar of the blog/website
– At the end of every post above comments
– At the top of the website/blog with a bar like Hello Bar.

You are using so much Information in Subscribers Form

Well, I must say people are too lazy or busy to fill up a form. Using a lot of information in your subscribers form can be a problem.

What I think, there should be two fields not more than that. One for Name and the other for the E-Mail address.
If you just want the email address then don’t include anything.

Try making your form as simple as you can. Think as your readers where and what they would be ready to fill information.

You are not valuing them after a Subscribe

Well, keep in mind that when a visitor subscribes to your blog/website then he wants to get something unique and valuable as information. Always show them the advantage of subscribing your blog.

Always give the value of their subscription form time to time by useful information.

Your Subscriber Form’s Design is not Good

According to the human psychology, design and colour are the main part those leave an impact on the viewer. The subscriber form or any web page should be designed in a way to look attractive. If you have used the right colour and information at the right place, then it will appear appealing and will make the audience subscribe.

Colours play an important role in every design of web pages. Using right colour at the appropriate place is a big Art.  So, using the right design with colour will definitely increase your subscribers.

You are not using your social Accounts Properly

Nowadays, social media platform are playing an inevitable role in the internet marketing. There can be one reason that you are not using your social accounts properly.  You can invite visitors to subscribe your blog/website by offering them valuable information on your social profiles. You can also add some plug-ins for Subscription like on Facebook pages.

Ask Your Visitors to Subscribe

If you have created an awesome post on your blog than ask your visitors to share on social media. So, likewise you would want them to subscribe to your blogs too. Then just simply ask them to subscribe through your opt in forms. Sometimes, it happens that your form is not visible to them while reading your blog post. So, you can do that and increase your subscribers.

Over To You My Awesome Readers 

So, the ball is now in your court.  Its time to hear from you. I have included almost every reason why you are not getting subscribers from your website or blog. You can also suggest, if you want to add something important. Would love to hear from you. Keep visiting and don’t forget to share if you like this post because Sharing is Caring!!!!!