Why Startups Should Prefer Customizing WordPress Themes For Their Website!

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When we are talking about startups, we are talking cream of the crop in terms of professionalism. At least that is the image that needs to be maintained.

Not just has there to be an indication that “somebody´s home”, but that whoever is steering the wheel is examplary in terms of conduct and leadership representing the company which has a lot of investment coins riding on its future success.

There are two types of bloggers:

1) The emotional blogger

Often begin a travel journal and suddenly realizes that they can turn it into a carreer.
The blogging part comes easy. The rest needs to be learned.

2) The professional who has to blog

This is the type of person who can greatly benefit from the emotional blogger as long as he follows company guidelines.

Now what is it that a professional has to accomplish through blogging?

Being a startup, He or she has to leave a perfect impression. And stay on people´s minds.

It isn´t necessary to blog daily. But it is important to dictate a certain timeframe within which he lets interested people get a glimpse in his proceedings.

And that is how we are getting to the part which is absolutely essential in addition to the content of the posts:

The overall design.

What every single startup company needs to convince investors and future clients of is that their concept is unique.

Extreme confidence is a must and needs to be represented as such.

So what should the blog look like?

Let´s start with what it should never resemble:

Another blog.

Imagine having a weblog being the official voice of your company and someone who has interest in sponsoring you recognizing the theme from other weblogs out there.

The first impression will be that you do not take pride in your creation.
Demonstrating a vision is very important if you want to leave the right impact.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything and if you have already been guaranteed a certain amount offunding, saving at the wrong end is not recommended.

Think about it:

One time is all you have to spend the money to receive an impressive design that can be your look for the rest of your company´s life. Even though the top of the business world eventually goes back to vamping their design a big, the overall look and concept remains. It just gets modernized.

Remember these guys?

No wait. … They are still around!

What they did was start off with a strong foundation. Probably frugal at first, not spending money on anything needed, but when it came time to invest in the future, nothing was done half-hearted.

Your website project and the blog and whatever else you wish to add in terms of forums, online communities or social pages, there has to be a flow. Whatever part of your site the visitor may stumble upon, they have to immediately know they are on your property.

The visitors trust you and get a certain vibe from what it is you are doing which they feel comfortable with. Once the vibe is broken, it is hard to repair the broken trust.

See yourself tomorrow, not just the need to get a blog up quickly.

Start writing articles, but consult a design company after getting some ideas for what your overall look should be or simply ask the design company what they suggest based on their own experience once you let them know what your project will be about.

In addition: A startup company´s blog posts will often be reposted with links to the original blog posts by other bloggers and webmasters who are keeping their readers up-to-date with your endeavours.

As a web professional you need the respect of other web professionals. That way their voice will become an extension of your own rather than them taking you lightly and expressing that within their own comments about what you are doing.

A customized WordPress design does not have to be expensive if you are aware of what the overall look should be (based on the look of your main site).

But it is mandatory to have it become EXACTLY what you want it to be and not some half-hearted effort like a bridge that only leads halfway accross the river and therefore turns out unusable.

What you spend wisely will exponentially multiply in the future and just like the energy put
into it will represent the endlessness of the unpatternable and unpredictable Pi,

so will a purchased copy of a premade design instead of striving for infinity keep sucking the energy towards zero as you will be a very successful entrepreneur.

And either your blog will enhance that image or make people think you are an amateur who has gotten lucky.

So take your time and make sure that you look perfect to the public.
And then get working on adding the words you want to convey.
It is worth it. Make the move and show who you are.

And most of all: Express the confidence in what your startup will turn out to be!