8 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Designing an impressive website is never an easy task, especially considering the ever-changing design trends. What attracts buyers today may well be a turn off for them in a few years time.

It is therefore of immense importance to keep up with those changes and update your website regularly. However, you should avoid certain web design mistakes that can actually hurt your website and business.

Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid in web designing

1. Unstructured Content: It is important to publish an informative website, but a page chock full of content may make it difficult for the visitors to scan and absorb all the details. Therefore, you need to maintain a structure and follow a clear visual hierarchy system.

2. Poor Navigation Structure: Making it difficult for your visitors to jump from one page to another will never impress them at all. They should be able to travel through your sites’ pages freely. You may consider including pagination into your website design or you can opt for a single-page layout, if that works for your business.

3. Complex Registration Forms: It’s a common mistake actually. Remember, people are never going to waste their precious time learning about and then filling out a complex registration form. Use a tiered approach instead of throwing all questions at once.

4. Using Heavy Images: Use of larger images will never improve the visitor’s experience. The more bells and whistles you have attached, the slower will be the speed of your website. It could be annoying for your visitors. So, make sure to keep it lightweight.

5. Little, Irrelevant, or No Content at All: This is not the sign of a professional website. After that latest Google Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird updates, it has become more important than ever to improve the quality of your content. You also need to update it regularly to give something value to your visitors.

6. Pop-Up Windows: This is something you shouldn’t be doing in 2014. Pop-up windows would lead to a disorienting visiting experience, which will hurt your website in a big way.

7. No Responsive Website: In 2014, your prospective buyers will access your website from all types of devices. Therefore, it is important to stick with a responsive design that can adjust itself to a variety of screen resolutions.

8. Not Using a Mix of Content: Text content is important, but it cannot grab your readers’ attention on its own. It is better to combine it with videos, audios, Infographics, and everything else. Just be sure to optimize your site well to maintain a good page loading speed. It’s quite evident that you have to pay attention to so many things and avoid several pitfalls to make your website work.

It’s not an easy task to remember what mistakes to avoid in web designing. Therefore, going for a professional web designer is the best bet here. A professional can avoid these mistakes and design keeping the latest web design trends in mind. What it means is that when you’re not sure about something, avoid taking a chance and let a professional take charge of things.

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