3 Signals To Spot The Best Website Design Company

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Whether you want to start a business online or you already have an established brand, you will always need to work on your website. Without an impressive website, you just cannot turn visitors into buyers. In fact, you cannot expect enough visitors come to your website if it is not designed optimally.

To ensure your website serves your visitors perfectly, you need to work with the right development partner. The good news is that there are so many web design companies working online, but the bad news is that you will have a hard time selecting the best one.

While it can be quite tricky to make a choice, paying attention to the following three signals will help spot the best web design company for your business.

1) Their Company’s Portfolio Is Impressive

Top website design companies will share their portfolio on their website.  Even if it is not a big portfolio, it will definitely be impressive.

Spend some time evaluating their portfolio and checking what they have already designed in the past.

If you do not like what they have created in the past, the chances are you won’t like what they design for you. Do not expect a web design company have their portfolio filled with everything you love, but there needs to be something that resonates with you.

Going through their portfolio will also help get an idea about their expertise. If you want a dating site designed or need their help create a website for real estate buy and sell activities, you may want to look for similar websites in their portfolio. If they have delivered a similar solution to their clients in the past, the chances are they understand your industry well.

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Go to some of the websites mentioned in their portfolio and check how they perform in the real world. Do not forget to check their loading speed. If those sites take a long time to load, look for a different designer.

Also, pay attention to how they have designed the navigation and how impressive the color scheme is. You can gather all this information just by having a look at their portfolio.  So, choose a design company where they have examples of past work available online.

2) They Use Social Media to Listen to Their Audience

Top web design companies – and other top brands for that matter – now maintain an active presence on social media. It was published in Nielsen’s 2012 Social Media Report that about half of U.S. consumers no ask questions through social media and use the same channels to report satisfaction or to complain.

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Customer support service is extremely important for web design companies because you will always have questions and request to make new updates. Today, the fastest way to communicate with any brand or business is through social media.

If your selected company is inactive on social media, understand that they do not have the capacity to handle your design project. They either do not have the time or do not understand the latest technologies.

If they are active on social media and listen to their audience carefully, it means they evolve their services constantly as per the feedback of their customers.

You can also learn how satisfied their customers are and if they all have similar problems to share. If your selected design company listens to people’s concerns and addresses them promptly, it means they understand the value of delivering real-time customer support.

3) They Deliver More than Just Design

Top web design companies either have an SEO marketing specialist or have content strategist working on board or they actively collaborate with such experts to design websites that actually work. To ensure your website stays visible in search engines and get traffic from different sources, it is important to design it after creating a strong SEO architecture.

That is why it is important to choose a web design company with ample SEO knowledge. These professionals will optimize your site architecture, use special code to enhance search results, and create fully optimized content keeping your business goals in mind.

Building on an SEO foundation in the beginning of a web design process is the best choice.

If your web design company handles graphics and design before content, you are working with the wrong folks.

They need to create content first for which they will need complete information about your business, your customers, and your industry. They will then optimize this content for search engines using the right keyword.

It does not matter if they create content on their own or ask a copywriter to create it, they must have it before they start building the framework that will showcase your content.

In short, the best web design company has a large database of satisfied clients with highly responsive customer support service delivered through social media.

Above all, top design companies know how design affects SEO, what the link between SEO and usability means, and how readability affects SEO. Be sure to pay attention to these signals and select the best designer for your business.