Limitations of Free Web Hosting

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As the name suggests, Free Web Hosting is a completely free of cost way of hosting your website. It is a decent way to get started with web development but, it has its own drawbacks which no hosting provider will disclose to you.

I have noted these following limitations of free web hosting that every web developer or business should keep in mind.

No Reliability

With a free web hosting service, you can never be sure that your website is live on the internet all the time. There is 0 per cent reliability and free hosting comes without any uptime whereas, the industry standards are 99.99%.

No Disk Space

Free web hosting is about the number of pages that you can host and not about the disk space as seen in paid web hosting. Since, your website is not monitored by everyone, there are chances that it will take hours for the website to come up again if there is a power shortage.

Lack of File Types

What all do you expect from a free hosting? Seriously? Since, it is a completely free of cost service so obviously, you get hardly any options to choose for a file. Mostly, only HTML pages are allowed and sometimes, in rare cases, you may find JPG r GIF files.

Minimum Bandwidth

Free web hosting offers you minimum bandwidth and might prove to be sufficient as websites on free hosting sedom receive high traffic.

Poor Customer Support

Talking about the customer support, free hosting providers have a poor connection with their customers. You will hardly find any customer support or technical support with free hosting service provider.

Forced advertisement placement

If they are offering you web hosting for free then they must demand some benefits in return. One of them being the promotion of their brand. Free web hosting providers force their clients to advertise about their service on their website. Short Life

Your website is at the mercy of the webhost that provides no financial or moral commitment to you. They can remove your website from their server without any prior warning. Secondly, you never know how soon they run out of business.

These points will prove to be of great significance to you when it comes to hosting your website. Feel free to drop in a message for any more queries or comments.