3 Important Questions Clients Do Not Ask Their Web Design Company

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Asking a website design company to work on your project is a critical decision to make. You’re not just giving them a project, you’re actually entrusting your business to them.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the importance of paying attention to certain things and making a choice with care. They don’t usually ask necessary questions before choosing a website design company. Don’t make this mistake.

Here are top three questions most clients don’t ask their web design company:

1. Do You Have an SEO Strategist Onboard?

It is important because you need to have the information architecture ready before a designer take charge of things. You have to understand that a business website should always be built around relevant, business critical keywords. Every page on your website is there to serve a purpose, but you can make it work online only when it is built around relevant keywords.

An SEO strategist will help identify the best keywords and develop an SEO strategy before your website designer proceed with graphics and all.

2. Is website speed optimization involved in the scope?

Most clients don’t ask this question and end up dealing with a site that’s too slow to load. Not every web design company help with website speed optimization because improve a site’s page loading time requires significant resources, thoughtful planning, flawless execution, as well as testing and evaluation.

Bear in mind that slow loading pages will always suffer from low user engagement with low average time on page and increased bounce rates. This will affect your business and keep you from getting a better search rankings, as Google now considers user behavior to determine rankings.

3. How can I Update my Website in Future?

Be sure to ask your designer about the process of making future updates. Always ask for the availability of a Content Management System (CMS), so you can change your website whenever needed.

Some designers will design your website and charge you money whenever you want to make any changes. You have to confirm it in advance. You really don’t want to pay money if you want to make small changes like a change in phone number or address.

These are the most important questions clients usually forget to ask before hiring a website designer or a website design company. However, these are the most basics things to ask.  There are many others things to consider before finalizing a decision.

For instance, you need to know about their core services, how much time they will need to finish your project, how much they charge and how they price their services, and how they ensure your project is executed perfectly.

So, take your time and select the best service. Got any questions? Just drop a comment and we’d get back with an answer before your morning coffee.