3 Sure Ways to Get Your Website Bounce Rate Down By 20%

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Well, in this online marketing era every business have a website. They are selling some or the other type of products and services. This works amazingly and becomes fruitful when you get the right number of targeted visitors to your business website.

When we talk about the online marketing of any business website. There is an important term that grabs all the spotlight. It is called the “Bounce Rate”.

So let us discuss to know what the term exactly means and how to reduce website bounce rate.

What is Bounce Rate?

It is the percentage of visitors who land on your website pages and exit without clicking on the website. In simple words, you can call them as single page visitors. They visit your page and then exit immediately without clicking anywhere on the website.

Why is it So Important?

Well, we all have a website with some purpose. For example, some people create websites to sell their services and products. This helps to target online visitors.

Some want to share different types of information to attract a good number of readers. In both these cases, one needs to make a list of people to invite as subscribers on the website.

So, if any website has a high percentage of bounce rate. It signals some valuable alerts to the web-master those are:

  1. Visitors did not find what they were looking for on your website. This made them exit without clicking anywhere.
  2. The poor user interface or we can say that your website is not user-friendly.

To overcome this hurdle. Let me share,

3 Tips to lower your website bounce rate up 20%.

It will help to increase conversion and sales target.

#1 Choose The Right Audience

One big reason might be that you were not familiar about your target audience. You had been working for all type of audiences or you are targeting the wrong ones.

So, first of all, you need to focus on your niche market and target the right audience. So, always choose a particular niche and focus on it. one thing at a time. Make a proper list of keywords to target the right one. Research on your user’s behaviour with the help of Google webmaster & Analytics.

Make a proper blueprint about your marketing strategy and techniques to install them. Try to Maintain top rankings for your brand terms in search engines.

  • Key Points of Choosing Your Right Audience

Spend time to research on several types of keywords for the website. It can include blog keywords, service keywords, brand keywords etc. Without knowing your right audience, you cannot do anything.

#2 Enhance User’s Experience of the Website

You must make a sure shot strategy about the design of your website. Most of the visitors exit the website if they don’t find the design of the website attractive. Think as a user, do you want to visit and stay on a website which appears boring and less attractive.

So just make your website stunning and easy to navigate.

Some important key factors are given below:

  • Choose a good colour contrast
  • Make your fonts visible and appealing
  • Proper use of Heading Tags
  • Quick and easy navigations
  • Responsive layout for all the platforms like smart-phones, tablets, laptops, desktops.
  • Enhance the loading speed of your website.
  • Do not use ads between the content of the website. This leads to distracting the user.
  • Proper use of internal links if necessary. Don’t stuff your content with many links.
  • Smart use of title and meta description tags to generate clicks.
  • Optimize your website and blog URL with proper use of text.
  • Create attractive landing page which will give you leads.

#3 Improve Your Website’s Content Quality

This is the most important and primary factor to reduce bounce rate. A website with poor quality content has more percentage of bounce rate than others. People do not want to waste time on poor content. They want to invest time in reading some useful and informative stuff.

Always provide them quality information that can give you subscribers. Your content should be clear and easy to understand. A quality content will get lots of shares on social media and better foothold.


Some important key factors are given below:

  • Use proper headlines for each paragraph when necessary.
  • Use bullet points to make a list.
  • Proper use of images and graphics according to content.
  • Proper use of internal & external links within the content. Do not use it in excessive.
  • Use “open in next tab” option for each internal or external link.
  • Include a clear Call to Action if necessary which is relevant to your landing page.

Infographic: 6 Reasons Why People Left Your Site Within 5 Seconds

Over to You My Awesome Readers :)

According to me, these are some best ways to reduce your website bounce rate. I am sure it will reduce more than 20% of the rate and can help to increase the brand visibility.

Now it is your turn to use this information for the website benefit. I would like to hear from you. :) You can also share your opinion about the best possible ways to reduce the bounce rate of any website.

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