5 Guiding Tips for a Web Hosting Consumer

Without a good web hosting, your website is of no use. It is a foundation of your website, your brand and your business as well. A slight server downtime can potentially hurt and ruin everything you’ve developed over years.

If you’re serious about your website, you need to make sure it is in the right hands!

Here are some guidelines to make you a smarter consumer when it comes to getting your own web hosting:

The free domain trick

Never fall for the free domain gimmick. A free domain might sound nice but you need to take these two things in mind before going for a free domain name:

Who owns the domain?

Your domain must be free but the hosting company retains the ownership. It means that you’re either stuck with the company forever or you need to pay a good sum to get the domain back.

What about the renewals?

Your first year might be free, but when you want to renew it , they might charge an amount that’s out of your budget.

It’s better to ask questions during your research process.

2. Domain and hosting are different

You must know that the domain names don’t have to be registered at the same company. After all, a domain name is your online identity and the most expensive and irreplaceable asset. While hosting is there to accommodate the website.

3. Unlimited Storage

Let me clear this right away that there is no such thing as unlimited storage. It seems like a great offer which some web hosting want you think upon. There is a section in TOS of web hosting that says if your website uses more than a specific amount of storage, it violates the TOS and will subject to termination.

4. Use a time credit card or PayPal

If you’re not an American, always use PayPal for transaction. If you have no choice and have to use a credit card, make sure the company is genuine to avoid unpleasant ride.

5. Avoid long term contracts

If you’re not familiar with the company, think twice before getting a long term contract.

Web hosting (https://www.serpholic.com/) should be chosen wisely as your whole website depends on it. Hope, these 5 tips help to chose the right web host!

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