Web Psychology: Web Designs That Make You Buy

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Just like advertising on television has a team of psychologists behind it, web design companies are also aware of the need to master the art of getting the goal of the businesses met.

In order to effectively sell your products, there is a deep need to properly

a) study your target market.

What are the interests of those likely to buy a product? Where and how can we get through to them? What type of imagery appeals to them?

And most of all: What has to be avoided at any cost to never have a turn-off appear.

b) determine long-term goals to never let short-term profit kill your future.

This is something that is often being overlooked, because in addition to working on your profit margin, your brand is increasing in value with every good decision you are making.

If you make a bad decision, things can still work out for you, but the overall brand value takes a hit, whether you notice it right away or not.

People will likely buy a product when they feel that:

1) “This is something that will increase my quality of life overall.”

This is where advertising each product specifically has to be taken very seriously.

2) “This deal is good enough for me not to waste time looking elsewhere.”

You have to let people know that you are not screwing them over and that it would be foolish not to go for it right now.

3) “The company cares about its customers and will not let me down.”

This is where the branding aspect comes in and every product falling under the umbrella of your brand will get a boost in the future as long as you consistently make this and keep this one of your utmost priorities.

All of the above points made are easily enhanced by seperate subliminal messages slogans, logos, web designs, wording and fonts can bring.

Have you ever come across a product after doing a search, but the website displaying it turned you off with unprofessional appeal?

And have you ever seen an item you wanted to purchase being displayed poorly on a well web designed site?

Chances are you will purchase a poorly displayed item from a trustworthy looking site before entering your credit card information on a shady looking outlet.

So how do you ensure that people are buying everything they need from you without feeling the urge to go elsewhere?

Create the right “flow”.

The vibe that people get and keep when on your site needs to be one of comfort, excitement and positivity.

In addition they need to feel like they have been making a smart choice to be your customers.

That includes the options of future discounts, exclusive membership and overall savings rewarded to anyone loyal and additional benefits to those bringing in new clients for you.

Your reputation is what carries the business and your reputation is what your business will build on and grow from, so the need to have a solid foundation that can never shake the building is the number one priority that needs to be put into action when building your website.

The balance between building sites which not only guarantee conversion, but also benefit your with their search engine friendly structures is something we take a lot of pride in.

Having built sites for over 10 years, it has become a matter of instinct combined with studies and experience knowing what works in which case.

Everything needs to have its place and rather go with the flow of the human eye (and the search engine spiders), than finding a way to trick both.

Your goals are to be followed with flexibility in terms of what works to reach them rather than what we ourselves may like.

The market will win, so you need to grab your piece of the pie and increase the size.

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