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Make Your Personal Brand More Recognizable on Google in 5 Smart Ways

In the digital age we live it, we have permanent access to all kinds of information at the tip of our fingers. Whatever it is you want to learn about, the major search engines provide the answer in a click of a mouse.

You must be presented on Google in a positive light. If your business has negative publicity and all the information on the web concerning information on a lawsuit, followed by an avalanche of negative reviews, your overall image will be presented in a very negative light.

There are several vital steps you can take to take control of your brand and improve your online image with Google.

  • Conduct Your Research

Determine what kind of information is present about you in the first 2 pages of search results. Self-Googling should become a routine practice for you. If your company name is too short, use long-tail keywords that include both the name of your company and the industry you operate in so you can receive information more relevant to you.

Examine your old social media posts and delete any posts you consider negative that can harm your reputation.

  • Create a Website

One of the best ways to demonstrate both your personal and professional accomplishments is by creating your own website. Make sure you decide on a domain that has both your first and last names included. This is a very good strategy to ensure it indexes on the first page of Google results.

Strive to obtain a URL that is as close to your full name as possible. If the URL is too short and the domain is already registered, try to include either your industry or your middle name in it.

The good thing about having a website on the web is that you can often update information regarding promotions, projects and important business information.

  • Revise The Posts On Your Social Channels

Inappropriate Tweets and Facebook comments reflect negatively on your reputation, although being active on social-media channels is very important.

If you have accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, your personal information and your posts have a great chance for appearing high in the Google’s search results when someone googles your name.

  • Contribute As An Expert In Your Field

It is amazing how many professionals with vast wealth of information on their industry don’t share their knowledge with their targeted audience. BlueHatMarketing suggests that you share your knowledge outside of your office if you are a dentist who can reach people with the right information on how to brush their teeth properly.

  • Collect Reviews

Ask people for testimonials you can later post on your site or to review your services on your LinkedIn page. There is no shame in doing this.

Recent marketing researches conducted by certain SEO Canada companies have indicated that most customers find customer testimonials very persuasive.

Irrespective of how you intend to use such reviews, they will positively impact both you and your brand.